28 July, 2015

Pinch me!

Good heavens am I drowsy this morning!  I almost nodded off on the bus.  I don't know why really.  I got to bed at a decent time and I had a good night's sleep.  Probably just not enough since I was down a quart from staying up too late Sunday.  Well I'll just have to try to get to bed earlier tonight to catch up.  This is annoying.

Yesterday went by in a flash!  I hope the rest of the week flies by as well.  I'm looking forward to the weekend in Port Townsend.  And then at the end of August a trip to see my sister.  I was looking for a hotel in Laguna Beach for a couple of nights because there is a big art festival there in August and Sunday the 30th is the last day.  We arrive in LA Saturday at around 4 pm, so we're going to drive straight to Laguna Beach and spend the night there so we can enjoy the art show on Sunday, then we'll stay Sunday and drive back to LA on Monday after the traffic thins.  Well so I was tasked with finding a hotel.  No problem except they are all pretty darned pricey.  Instead I went to AirBnB and found us a beach house to rent!  Awesome!  Right in Laguna Village, walking distance to everything.  We're going to have a great time.   And my nephew is trying to get the football draft set up so we can do it together.  It's not easy getting everyone together - no, we're all over the country but we do it on line and even then, with the time differences, it's not easy.  Fingers crossed.

No knitting last night.  I was just too tired to count.  Maybe some tonight.  I won't be doing any on the weekend, that's for sure.

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