10 July, 2015

I almost fell for a phishing scam!

In the morning my iPhone is my alarm clock.  It goes off and I hit the snooze and then wake up while I'm going through the night's collection of email.  One of the messages was purportedly from Apple telling me that a purchase had been made on my Apple iTunes account from a device unknown and that if I wanted to cancel the transaction I should click here.  A few years ago something similar happened to me.  I awoke and found quite a number of eBay transactions on my phone that I hadn't made.  My account had been hacked.  So I clicked on that link but then realized that I couldn't see the address from my iPhone.  You know how when you're on a laptop or desktop computer you can hover over the link and see the address.  But ..... but it was freaking me out that my Apple ID could be out there so I clicked the link and signed in.  Ah, but then there's another form asking for billing address, phone number, etc.  Nope.  I was willing to let it go until I could be sure it wasn't a phishing scam.  The forms and logos were flawless, at least at 6 am on an iPhone screen.  But when I got in to work and logged on, sure enough it was a scam from Australia.  I have changed my Apple ID password just to be sure.  They are going to hook a few for sure.  It's very well done and no spelling errors. 

Hooray it's Friday.  Tonight when I get home I'm going to bake a cake for the party tomorrow.  I will frost it in the morning.  And on Sunday we're going to a baseball game.  It should be fun.  And bonus!  The weather has cooled down some.  What a relief.

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