31 July, 2015

The Blues with a capital B

I was tasked with the job of finding a hotel for a weekend away in Port Townsend.  I think that was in June.  Anyway, my choice of weekends was very limited due to family obligations and other things, so I ended up picking this weekend.  Then when I went looking for a hotel to find two rooms I was having a very hard time and ended up finding two rooms at the hotel farthest away from the center of town.  It wasn't until about two weeks ago that I found out that the reason it was difficult to find a room was that it is the Acoustic Blues Festival weekend.  We are all fans of the Blues so we are all looking forward to this vacation.  Add to it perfect weather and good company and you can't beat that.  I'm leaving at 1 o'clock and we're heading to the ferry dock.  Hopefully we can get on the 2:15 ferry.  Yay for the weekend.

It was of course bloody hot yesterday and I was in a rush after work.  I had to take Tink to the doggie boarding place and they are very strict with their pick up and drop off times.  Then to the dry cleaners to pick up, since they are closed on Sunday.  And finally a quick stop at the grocery store to get a pizza for dinner.  Huff puff ..... and then back home to soak the plants so they will live over the hot weekend and to clean up the mess I had left in the kitchen the night before.  AND I had pulled a broken glass out of the dishwasher so first I had to completely empty it and find the shards.  In the process of doing that I found a piece of the dishwasher on the floor of it.  Hmmm ... where does it go?  It wasn't broken so it must have worked itself loose.  Well, I had no time to figure that out. Besides -- not my job.  By 7:30 I was packed up for the weekend, showered (but hair left wild because I simply cannot straighten it in this heat) and relaxed.  It's weird not having Tinkerbell around though.  I miss her. That being said, I really do sleep well when she's not rooting around on the bed all night.

Well I've plenty to do this morning before I take off. 

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