08 July, 2015

A cup of coffee does help

I am sleepy again this morning, but I had my coffee on the way to the transit center and at least I didn't nod off on the bus.  Because Tink is not on the bed when it's so hot I have actually been sleeping quite well, despite the heat.  But it's rather slow around here in the summer and it's very difficult for me to wake up.

Speaking of Tink not being on the bed ..... I have found little puddles on the floor these past few days.  I believe that because of the heat she is drinking more water than usual and finds herself in need of a pee in the middle of the night.  Unfortunately she hasn't barked to go out or ... just thought of this ... perhaps the sound of the fan disguises her cries to go out!  At any rate, I'm going to have to make sure I take her outside before I finally go to bed at night.  Not that I stay up very late, but I'm sure another little piddle at 9 or 10 wouldn't hurt.  I'll give it a try.

Knitting at home is still a no go because it's just too hot.  As is blowing my hair dry.  I can't do it!  Well, maybe if I had a couple of fans blowing on me while I was trying to do it, but it's not worth it.  So I've been wild and curly lately.  I don't mind.  It is kind of nice for a change.  Blowing my hair straight is a hassle in the best of times and in this heat and humidity it's practically impossible. 

I got my first Yarnbox plus Artyarns shipment yesterday.  Oh it's lovely yarn.  I love Artyarns.  I don't really need another shawl but this one is going to be very cute and colorful and oh PS, with beads!  I think I'll check my color selection though because I was sure I had blue as my favorite and I got (more) purple.  I can't keep track.  I am glad I stopped the classic box though.  I have enough projects in the queue.

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