20 July, 2015

Haste makes waste

I was in such a hurry to get out of the office on Friday that I forgot to turn off my personal fan!  It's still going, so no harm done.  But I guess that shows just how anxious I was to skedaddle.

It was just crazy hot over the weekend.  Sunday even hotter than Saturday.  I slept in a bit on Saturday and, without coffee because I had forgotten to stop for milk, I set about doing my chores.  When it's hot like it has been Tink is pretty easy.  She's just happy to lay in the grass and once in a while come in for a break under a chair and a drink of water.  If it cools down in the evening, then she'll play for a while.  Otherwise she's content. 

After all of the partying and family gatherings last weekend I was just looking forward to some quiet time.  Chores finished, we went off for some lunch and food shopping.  We had the BEST seafood tacos I've ever had at a restaurant in Redmond where our Trader Joe's is.  We probably could have just shared but we didn't.  Piggies.  I picked up some nice bread and some olives and cheese while shopping for the week and that's what we had for dinner.

I was working on that shawl while we were watching a movie and I finally just acknowledged the fact that I simply am not in love with the yarn I was using for the project.  I love the pattern but the yarn was not doing it for me.  Too many colors I think.  I just don't care for the variegated yarns.  Especially the pink/purple/blue.  So I frogged it!  I'm going to put it up for sale or trade on the Ravelry Yarnbox page. 

Sunday was again CRAZY hot and I'd about had it.  I do not do well with the heat.  I'm crabby and unhappy.  My hair won't dry.  We had to go to the mall but lunch plans didn't work out with Steve and Ginny because we had too many other little things to handle later that day.   When you have lunch with Steve and Ginny it often turns into the rest of the day.  Which is awesome usually but we couldn't take that time.  Ben had an outdoor project going on and I decided I was going to have some ME time and I cast on for the same shawl in a different yarn and got to work on the tedious stockinette portion.  I even brought it with me on the bus.  I am already much happier with this project.

But not much happier in the whole scheme of things.  I need something to plan for.  Work is so up in the air that it's very difficult to make plans so perhaps that's the source of my discontent.  I'll work on pinpointing it so I can fix it!!

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