26 August, 2015

A visit to the vet

When I got home from work on Monday I found yet another puddle left by Tink.  This summer she has left a couple of puddles during the night which I just supposed were from her drinking more water than normal.  But during the day?  And then I realized she's been licking herself more than usual.  So I put 1 and 1 together and came up with UTI.  I called the vet first thing yesterday morning and got an appointment for 2 o'clock.  On her morning walk and got a good sample to take in with me.  She'd not been lethargic and everything seemed normal except for the puddles.  The urinalysis didn't show anything and the vet gave me a choice of putting her on a broad spectrum antibiotic and come cream for her irritated hoo-haw  or culturing the urine so we could see what is growing and treat that.  I chose that option and went out of there with a considerably lighter wallet and some cream for her nether regions.  Hopefully by Friday we'll see what we have growing.  I hope that's all it is.

For my birthday Monika got me a Yarnbox classic, the type I had discontinued.  That was in the mailbox on Monday and it is awesome!  A beautiful green color of a DK weight from the Verdant Gryphon.  I am considering making another Venomous Tentacular from it. 

I worked on my Starry Nights last night and brought it in today.  I am very close to being done.  It is a very small shawl - more like a lacy scarf.  I don't think I'll actually use it but it is fun to knit. The yarn is so soft.

Vacation -- come on!!

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