24 August, 2015

Pre-vacation week

Oh it is going to be a very interesting week, starting with a meeting this morning.  I cannot wait to dig in.

I didn't last the entire day on Friday.  I was just SO sleepy and nothing much was happening, so I took off a little early with the intention of having a little nap.  It had a nice rest anyway - don't think I dropped off.  The good news was that we didn't have to wait but could start the game right away and then stop it during dinner preparation.  It was a better game than last week, but not awesome and they lost by one point.  Good thing it doesn't count.

I did get to sleep in on Saturday though and it was glorious!  A nice long, deep sleep and a lazy breakfast.  And then ... chores.  I smacked my elbow right into the door jamb at one point and it still is aching!  There was no knitting at all this weekend because of it.  And having fun.  Saturday after all the chores were done and I was cleaned up off we went to the Triplehorn for the 3rd annual  Hoardfest.  It was much much better than last year, music-wise.  I actually enjoyed the bands.  We didn't stay very late - mostly because the beer is just SO strong.  And it was hot and sunny. 

Sunday I had to get my contacts ordered at Costco and do grocery shopping.  Poor Ben was not feeling great - I think the food he ate at Hoardfest did not agree with him.  He stayed home and I went to the mall to get a couple of things for vacation and then a nice early dinner at Steve and Ginny's with McG.  Great salad and wonderful salmon.  Cooked perfectly. 

Well ... off to my meeting.

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