12 August, 2015

Finished Shangri-La

I finished binding off the Shangri-La shawl and it is SO gorgeous!  It needs to be blocked so I don't have any pictures.  I brought it in today to show the noon knitting group before it's blocked and tonight when I get home I'll give it a good soak and pin it out.  I need to be aggressive about it so that the nice mesh work can really show off the beaded tear drops.  Hopefully we'll get a winter this year so that I can wear it.

I worked from home yesterday afternoon after spending the morning at a doctor's appointment.  We've finally got all of the dosages right so with any luck I won't have to see her again until next May.  It just doesn't make any sense for me to drive to work after a morning doctor's appointment though.  It is expensive - tolls both ways and parking - and it takes an hour.  All of my files are on the cloud now so I took care of business as well as let Tink in and out a million times.

Since my Shangri-La was finally finished I decided I'd knit up the project from the Yarnbox ArtYarns shipment.  It's gorgeous yarn but I'm not crazy on the colors.  And right now I need a small project.  It's still so very very hot and not weather to start a sweater, which will be my next big project.  A lace panel drapey cardigan.  Monika made it and it's a great pattern.  But I'm weeks away from that.

What else?  All I can seem to do is complain about the weather.

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