17 August, 2015

Two weeks until vacation

Friday we had quite the thunder storm.  It poured!  And I was worried about poor Tinkerbell all alone at home.  The storm had blown over by the time I got home and, of course, she was fine.  It was such a change from the hot hot summer we've been having. 

It was game night and we made a nice pizza and watched the first pre-season game.  Our two draftees were awesome but otherwise it was pretty boring, as we knew it would be.  But hey, it's football. 

Saturday morning we took off early to Flower World and I bought lots of pretty things to put in the planters and a Rosemary bush for a spot in the back.  Then I got to work cleaning out the debris from the older planters and planting the new things.  I am very pleased with the results although I need a few more plants - always need more plants I guess.  Then it was off to the nail salon and a trip to Trader Joe's and that was my Saturday. 

I had forgotten Ben's golf tournament Sunday.  So there I was with an entire morning and part of the afternoon to fill up with .. knitting.  Not all knitting - I did some chores.  I am trying to finish up that silly ArtYarns Starry Summer Nights shawl.  I got a one-off Yarnbox Classic for my birthday present from Monika and that's going out today, plus I've got a few other (million) projects in the wings.  Just waiting for some cooler weather.  This is not the time to have a blanket's worth of knitting on your lap.  Or even a cardigan.

This is a weird morning - the Chairman of the department has called a staff meeting!  He never calls staff meetings plus the Administrator is on vacation .... so the news is either going to be really good or really bad.  Stay tuned.

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