04 August, 2015

Hooray for the birthday week!

The best week of the year.  We'll discount the time spent at work, of course.  I doubt the gifts will continue every night, but last night I got a wrapped gift to begin the birthday week.  What was it?  Only a copy of the Fantasy Football Index!  Okay, it's just a magazine, but it's a great fantasy football start for me.  I got the email yesterday to join our league and this year I'm going to be prepared!  So besides studying this magazine I'm going to join the ESPN Fantasy Insiders.  I'd just like to be in the playoffs!  I don't need to win the whole thing, which would be awesome.  But being in the playoffs would be great too.

I finished up the laundry and had a pretty lazy evening, which is how I like Do-Nothing Monday to be.  I even got some knitting in, albeit with the fan blowing straight on me.  I needed to get to bed early and I had a nice night, for the most part.  It was bloody hot, but fans work well enough to let me fall asleep.

I wanted to go to the gym yesterday since I wasn't able to go even once last week.  But I had to go to Northgate because I did not want to have to go to the mall on Saturday plus I was totally out of Chanel mascara.  It took as long to go to the mall as it does to go to the gym.  Not that anybody notices anyway.  Today it's gym time.

I think we might get some more rain tomorrow.  At least it's cooling off this week and I noticed that finally my tomatoes are starting to put out some flowers.  The cherry tomatoes have fruit on them but the other two, with the exception of the 3 tomatoes on the Early Girl that were there from the beginning.  So maybe by the end of August we'll have some tomatoes.

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