18 August, 2015

Big doings

Things have been very strange at work lately and yesterday it got really interesting.  The Chairman's secretary sent out an email that the chairman had called a staff meeting for 11:45.  He never calls staff meetings and the administrator is out on vacation.  He also called a faculty meeting directly before it so we all knew it was big news.  My money was on him stepping down and sure enough, that is what happened.  He is going to just run the Willed Body Program and we have an interim chair.  It will take at the very least 18 months to do a proper search to find a new one and by then I will be gone.  Or at least down to 40% time. 

This step is really a very good thing and it has already made my life easier at work.  There is no ambiguity about what the heck he is doing.  I just wish the meeting we're having next Monday could be happening this week, but alas Andy is gone for a holiday he had booked before this whole mess started so we wait. 

In a few more weeks Do Nothing Monday night will have a football game component.  But I did fine lounging in the back garden enjoying the weather and some nice wine.  I sleep so much better when it's not so hot, but it's going to be really hot today and hotter tomorrow.  I can't remember when we've had such a solid summer.  It's been quite a while.  I do notice some leaves changing and the light is just a little different.  I am not sorry to see autumn coming.

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