20 August, 2015

When noon knitting sucks

I honestly look forward to my Wednesday noon knitting with the ladies.  It is usually fun and relaxing.  Yesterday?  Not so much.  There was a new person who joined us, plus one of the newer ladies had a bazillion questions.  When I finally got down to starting my own project I started on the wrong row in the pattern so when I figured it out I had to tink back almost 100 stitches.  By this time is was nearly time to leave, so I didn't re-start the row.  I was all wound up!  Not fun.  Plus it was very very hot yesterday. 

I didn't finally relax until nearly six o'clock.  I had to stop at the grocery store for things for a cold dinner and the guy at the deli counter was SO slow!  But I had a new episode of "Hard Knocks" to watch, and that was nice.   I did finally relax, but it was too hot to knit, even with the fan.  It's much cooler today and raining on the way in.  I can't wake up!  I need a vacation.  [whine whine whine]

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