03 August, 2015

Not what I expected

Friday was a very busy morning, plus it was Seafair weekend and the Blue Angels were flying, so I90 was closed making 520 impassible.  Therefore I was picked up very late and we didn't get to the ferry line until after two.  It was packed!  We didn't end up getting on the ferry until 5 o'clock.  No matter.  We had a vacation mindset, and cocktails.  After checking in to the hotel we went out for a meal and then walked the town.  The music ..... mmmmm, not exactly what we were expecting.  After doing a bit more research we found that this is mostly a workshop type of week culminating in various concerts around town.  This is acoustic blues, not dance music. 

We had a wonderful breakfast and then drove around, visiting the historic fort where the workshops were being held, among other things.  In the afternoon we walked around all of the galleries and shops and I fell in love with this clock.  The little swirl is blurred because it is the pendulum.  I just LOVE it and so I bought it.  A birthday present to myself, a week early.  I didn't have anything particular in mind to buy myself this year, so I am very happy I found this.

We had a little rest and then went back out for a late lunch and then, since we weren't all that enamored with the music we settled in on the balcony with snacks and lots of tequila and played cards.  I was the winner.  I cleaned everybody out!  That is the first time we've played poker and I was the big winner.  The downside is that I had to buy dinner, but it was well worth it.  And we laughed and laughed.  I was sure my stomach was going to be sore the next morning, but it wasn't.

We got up and out in plenty of time to make the ferry without having to wait in line.  We couldn't pick Tink up until 3, but that gave me time to shop for food and start laundry.  Oh it was hot.  Too hot.  The weather is supposed to cool down a bit this week and I can't wait.  Hopefully we'll get some rain as well.

Things are absolutely bizarre at work.  My sanity is hanging by a thread.

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