13 August, 2015

When do you call it finished?

I know that many many people post their projects on Ravelry and keep up with the progress of the item by posting pictures and then post a finished date.  I call a project finished when it is blocked but I think some people call it finished when it comes off the needles.  Unless you can wear it or use it I don't think you can call it done.  But I am a very picky and precise person so .... you can ignore this rant. Here are some pictures of the lovely shawl being blocked.  I am sorry that the beads don't show up as well in the photos.  They really pop in real life. You can kind of see them in the picture on the right.  Or if you look very closely at the bottom of the tear drops on the left.  I am anxious for it to dry but I won't be able to use it for weeks and weeks if this summer keeps up like it has been. 

We had thunder showers yesterday and the air is moist today but it will still be in the high 80s.  I think Friday it's supposed to cool down.  I hope it's nice on the weekend though because I want to work on the garden and the planters around the patio and porch.  I just don't like to garden at all when it's cloudy.

I had a quiet evening last night and will again tonight, hopefully.  Tomorrow night?  Ah, the first pre-season Seahawks game!!  Woohoo!!!

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