10 August, 2015

Super Duper Birthday Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend!  It started out with a work at home day Friday because I had someone coming over to clean the furnace ducts. Actually I thought they were just coming to give me a bid, but they just started doing it and I had nobody else coming to give me a price so I just let them go ahead.  It needed to be done and they were done in 30 minutes.  The price was fine and I'm happy. 

Saturday and Sunday I got a lot of knitting done and I've finished up the body of the Shangri-La and I started the picot bind off last night.  However, after the third one I realized I had forgotten the bead!!  There is absolutely no way in the world to tink back to add it so I put it down.  I need to have all my wits about me when I do this bind off and I was distracted by the first pre-season game.  Ahhh, football. 

My birthday celebration Saturday was low key but really nice.  First I slept in, then after breakfast went to the mall where I got a new Seahawks 12 jersey.  Then some grocery shopping and a light lunch.  The main event was dinner at Preservation Kitchen.  It was super good. 

Sunday was a lazy day.  We had a party planning meeting at 3 o'clock and otherwise is was just knitting and football.  I don't feel bad about it at all.  It was still my birthday.  Next weekend I'll work on the planters and otherwise be more productive.

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