05 August, 2015


My Shangri-la is coming along nicely.  Now that I have the pattern memorized it is really zipping by.  I got another two rows done last night before I crashed and I will get two more done at noon knitting today.  Because I'm now working from the previously knitted portion of the Jo's Pride it is going to be difficult for me to judge if I will have enough yarn to add another pattern repeat.  But I'm a week or so away from having to make that judgement.

Yesterday was another present day on my birthday week.  This one a bottle of a liquor I am fond of.  But it can't keep up, I'm sure.  But while it is happening I'm liking it!!

The clouds have rolled in and with it cooler weather.  No rain though, which is what I was looking forward to.  And it won't last long either.  We'll be back in the 80s by Friday.

Football .... that's basically all we're hearing about now.  Especially after that horrible end to the Super Bowl.  Preseason games start on the 11th, I think.  Although the Hall of Fame game will be on this coming Sunday.  Guess what I'm going to be doing?

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