14 August, 2015

If it wasn't for bad luck ......

What is it with me and buses?  I always seem to be having some sort of mix up or other.  Yesterday I took the bus to Northgate so I could pick up some face cream and save myself a trip to the mall during the weekend.  I got there just fine but the getting back to work .... not so fine.  I waited on 5th for the 68 bus, assuming that it would be going to the University.  Ha!  Plus, oh it was late.  So I waited about 20 minutes for this bus that took me around the corner to the transit center across from where I used to live.  It was then that I realized that I had mistaken the 68's route.  It is not circular!  I then caught a 67 which is the bus I used to take to work.  I could have walked over to the transit center after my purchase and caught a 67.  Well at least I figured it out because I have to go back today because I got the wrong cream.  *sigh*

It was nearly 90 yesterday but the clouds moved in and now it's not even 70 and it was thundering and raining this morning.  I wonder if I should have given Tink a pill.  Well, too late.  Hopefully she won't be too freaked out.  The rain shouldn't last and I should be able to have some good garden time tomorrow.  I plan on going to Flower World in Maltby.  It's supposed to be very cool. 

I am SO looking forward to the Seahawks tonight, although I don't think any of the first stringers are going to be playing.  It doesn't matter.  It's back, that's all.

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