23 March, 2011

Best laid plans

I had another great run yesterday at lunchtime, but it's rest today and I think that's probably a good thing since my knees are aching just a little bit.  Of course, the high high heels don't help that but one must suffer for beauty, right?  I had noticed on Monday that my apartment wasn't as far away from the bus transfer spot as I had originally thought.  Using my map on the iPhone I saw that it was only a mile to my apartment, so rather than wait for the bus and since it was a lovely afternoon I walked home yesterday.  This means that it is only 1.4 miles from my apartment to the shore of Green Lake!  That is an easy walk and something that Tink and I can do in less than half an hour on the weekend!  It'll be great.  I don't know why or how I got so confused about distance.  It still doesn't mean that I can bike to work.  Oh the distance isn't bad nor are the hills, but it is all on busy city streets and some of them quite narrow.  It's not safe.  And getting my bike in and out of the apartment and up and down the elevator -- a huge hassle.  I may do it now and again this summer but I am not going to be doing it regularly until I can get moved and into a place near the trail.

My big plans for doing laundry went out the window yesterday.  After I got home and walked Tinkerbell I went into the lobby of the apartment complex to purchase a laundry card.  This is all new to me. How it works is that you purchase a card from one machine and then use the second machine to add value to the card and then in the laundry room you insert it into the machine you want to use and it deducts the cost of the wash or dry.  Fine.  I put in my $20 bill and .... nothing.  Okay, maybe it doesn't like the bill.  I try a second and same thing.  Very frustrating and also the directions are in Spanish, which I don't read very well, so I didn't understand what was going on.  I got one of the managers to come help me (heavy sighs on her part as if I were a moron) and she took my bill, put it in and .... oh what is that?  Won't work for you either??  Supposedly the machine had been serviced and it no longer took any bill larger than a $5.  So no laundry for me and I'll give it another go tonight.

With my apartment all tidy, with the exception of my pictures and mirrors that need to be hung [and that mess is driving me crazy] all I had to do was ... well, nothing.  Slowly I am feeling more and more like I am coming back together.  Still not ready to start my strength training, but that's okay.  I had a nice comfy evening catching up on some shows I missed and just enjoying the quiet and calm.  Tink got another nice long walk before bed and I settled in for a nice long read.  Pretty soon I'm going to have to pick up my knitting or find some other things to do, but frankly I feel like I've been through a war and it is just so nice to just BE.  I'll get bored of it sooner rather than later but truly I am enjoying the feeling of becoming Shelley again, if that makes any sense.

I didn't even get the Cloisonne Jacket blocked.  I don't have any clean towels.  I bought a few new ones, not wanting to take anything but Tink's doggie towel from that house.  I need a couple of towels to pin the parts out on since I don't have an extra bed anymore.  Perhaps I should bite the bullet and order those blocking pads from KnitPicks.  I grabbed the sleeves of the Tepotzlan for noon knitting today.  Might as well wade right into that mess and get it done.

Thankfully the weather has been nice, sunny and not too cold.  It is very springlike here.  As I was walking Tink last night I passed a pond and I could hear the frogs croaking.  Nice.  It is supposed to get raining this weekend.

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