24 March, 2011

It can't be that much to ask!

I just want to run a couple of loads of laundry!!  Yesterday after our walk I went to the laundry card machine and bought a card.  Grand, all set to go.  Up I go the apartment, gather all my washing supplies and head to the laundry room only to get there and find I had no key!  The facilities key doesn't work for the laundry room.  Who's smart idea was that?  I telephoned the office, supposedly open until 6 pm, to find out of they had a key for me but there was no answer, even though it was only 5:30.  I will stop by yet again tonight and get a key.  In fact I'll call ahead and make sure they have one waiting!  This is getting ridiculous.

One thing I love about living in an apartment - when I come home there is not a sink full of dirty dishes waiting for my magic touch to put them in the dishwasher.  One thing I do not like about living in an apartment - when Tinkerbell gets an upset stomach at three in the morning I need to get dressed, put a coat on and take her downstairs and walk her around.  It doesn't happen very often and at least it was mild, but it is a hassle nonetheless.

Last night I watched a DVD called 'RED'.  Pretty cute movie about retired CIA agents.  RED stands for Retired Extremely Dangerous.  Helen Mirren is awesome in it as a retired British wet work agent.  I couldn't get the sound to come through the speakers but I am pretty sure that's because I need that extra cord.  Nor could I get the speak system remote to work although the lights were coming on.  I am going to assume the batteries are low and get a couple more when I get the cord.   This weekend for sure I'll try the Wii.  I am just a little scared to do it and find it doesn't work because then what will I do?  I guess I could call my nephew.  He could probably figure it out.  I will not call Mr. M.  I don't want him to know where I live.

I have a list as long as my arm of things I need and want to get done this weekend.  Tops on the list is work on the stains on the carpet.  I had asked them to clean it a second time when I saw the apartment a few days before I moved in.  They said it was done but I am skeptical because the stains I had pointed out look the same.  One is a black stain in my bedroom that is driving me crazy!  I hope I can get it out.  Otherwise ... maybe I'll have to get another little rug.

I have not yet gotten to knitting in my new place.  It just doesn't feel right until I get my art hung, for some reason.  Perhaps I'm still figuring out my routine. I am just wallowing in all the quiet and trying to relax.  I think I'm still clenching my jaw at night because the right side of my mouth is so sensitive.  I make a point of relaxing before I sleep but I imagine I am still having some bad dreams.  Nothing that time won't cure.

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