22 March, 2011

Good intentions

I have come up with a rather ambitious workout regimen along with diet modification to get rid of this winter weight as soon as possible.  Plus, since I am not riding my bike to work I need to make up for that.  My plan is that I run for an hour each weekday lunch except Wednesday (noon knitting cannot be missed) and then when I get home do 30 minutes or more of strength training.   I did have an awesome run yesterday but I was so tired when I got home that I could barely get Tink walked.  And I still had a few more things to get put away, which I did.   I worked so long and hard from last Wednesday on through Sunday that I think it's going to take me another few days before I will be caught up and ready to add the second component.  Especially if I don't quit having unpacking dreams!  I only woke up once last night and went right back to sleep, but I think that during the second half of the night I must have had the dream.  I kept finding more and more boxes that needed unpacking!  It was a nightmare.

I am so very grateful that my apartment is quiet.  The only bad thing I've found so far is that my front door is next to the hall door so whenever anyone on my floor goes out to do laundry or take the elevator the door slams and it's quite loud.  My bedroom is nice and quiet with the exception of the traffic noise from the freeway.  What I might do is try to mask it with white noise from a humidifier, because it is a little bothersome with the window open except in the middle of the night when there is no traffic.

After doing a final bit of tidying and stowing yesterday evening I quite simply relaxed, watched some TV, took Tinkerbell for a second longer pre-bed walk and then settled in with a book.  Unfortunately I don't know where I put the books I had on my bedside table -- I managed to find one, but not one I had already started.  I have 5 bookcases to go through so rather than do that I just started another. 

I keep forgetting to post this link.  A friend of mine sent this to me and it is just wonderful.  Steven Fry was given the Harvard Humanists Lifetime Achievement Award and this is his acceptance speech. 


Big plans tonight.  I am going to try out the laundry and, hopefully, soak and block the pieces of the Cloisonne Jacket. I miss that gorgeous washer and dryer I bought but oh well, small price to pay.  I'll get another soon enough and in the meantime I can make do with the sink for soaking and blocking.

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