13 June, 2013

Bus drivers

It is now the beginning of summer schedule, even though summer is another week away, and the bus drivers have done their quarterly shift.  That means that my morning and evening bus drivers are different.  My morning guy is giving me whiplash because he doesn't know the stops, and therefore must slam on the brakes when he comes up to one with people waiting.  The bigger change is the afternoon bus driver.  So far I prefer him to the last one.  He drives much more sedately and hasn't yet been early to the stop, although he has been a little late.  I much prefer that.

Noon knitting was delayed a bit yesterday while we all had some pizza and salad - a special little bonus we hadn't been expecting.  It was delicious!  Then the rest of the hour knitting on the Indian Feathers.  In the evening I watched the Mariners lose and finished up all of the lace border and purled back.  Now I have to get back on Ravelry and find the instructions for making the crescent shape a little bigger.  Not longer, but just fuller I guess you would say.  I'd like to have this be more of a shawl than a scarf, just because it will be more dramatic and stunning once I get the fringe and beads on it.  I absolutely LOVE the drape of this yarn - the Ella Rae Shibu - which has been discontinued for years.  It is a silk, but raw rather than shiny and slick.  There are little tiny bits of viscose or rayon to give a subtle sheen.  Just a gorgeous yarn.  I sure would love to find something that is being manufactured now that has its same properties.

Work is busy but thankfully I'm not having any trouble sleeping.  I gave Tink an extra long walk at 7-ish so she made it through the night.   I am trying to move that walk to a bit later in the evening but she has quite a good inner clock. 

I made my plane reservations for Mexico yesterday.  Seven months away.  Ah well ... something really good to look forward to!

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