07 June, 2013

Meetings and meetings

The next couple of days - mornings really - will be meetings.  I have a little presentation this morning but I expect I should be done with my part of the meeting before noon.  Then I'm going to have a run, a little lunch, and if all goes well I should be able to scoot out of here around 2 o'clock, only to return tomorrow morning (yes, Saturday) at 8.  Oh well ... the weather has gotten more seasonable so I don't mind.

The June Gloom .... those low clouds that park themselves around here in June have returned.  It was sprinkling when I was walking Tink this morning before catching the bus.  It was quite warm yesterday and I even pulled the fan out at bedtime.  During my run yesterday I was finding the patches of shade even though I started out at 11:30.  So I'm not unhappy that the clouds are back for a while. 

I indulged myself with some Wii time last night and didn't even tough the Indian Feathers.  I am hoping to get done with the lace portion this weekend.  Saturday is busy but I don't have much of anything for Sunday so maybe I can carve out a few hours of quiet time. 

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