11 June, 2013

YES Energy MIS-management

I have learned these past few years while living in apartment buildings that there is a very complex system in place for assessing each unit's portion of the building's water, sewer and garbage bill.  It is so complex in fact that there are companies that do just that.  Ours, oddly enough, is based in Florida.  There is a long lead time as well, something like two or three months.  I haven't written a check for a bill in ages and ages and instead use the electronic bill pay services of my credit union.  This is safe and easy and you always know when the payment will be received by the company.  I pay my bills on the due date or, if it's on a Saturday, the day before.  Twice now I've received delinquent notices from YES Energy Management sent on the day the payment is due!!  The last payment was due June 4th, and the delinquent notice I received yesterday was dated June 4th!  That is outrageous and just makes me crazy.  I called this morning and the woman in customer service told me I should make sure my payments were there a day before they are due.  I tried to explain to her that it was illogical but either I wasn't particularly clear or she was stupid, so I left it and went to my bank's web site to ascertain that the payment was delivered electronically on the due date.  It was.  So I called back and got someone not quite so stupid who is deleting the $10 late fee from my account.  Logical or not, I will in the future make sure that payment is there a day before it is supposedly due. 

I had my favorite kind of Monday evening, lazy and quiet.  I got to knit on the Indian Feathers, and ate left overs for dinner.  I held off giving Tink her second walk until after 7 but she was quite keen to get out there.  I was on the phone with my sister and didn't notice if she actually did her business though.  And then at 1:30 she started whining and I had to take her out.  This messes with my sleep something awful and I couldn't get back to sleep until hours later, then I turned off my alarm and fell back to sleep for 30 minutes. I don't feel so bad though.

Yesterday I increased my noon run to 35 minutes.  It was hard but I made it with only two short walking bits -- maybe 30 seconds each.  I will keep it at 35 for this week.  If, by the end of the week, I am strong on 35 I'll up it to 40 next week.  Otherwise I'll keep it at 35 for another week.  As long as I keep feeling good. 

This afternoon I have to proctor another exam.  This one in a huge hall.  It's the undergraduate anatomy course and it's got over 300 students.  It's boring but I've got my book to listen to, or there's always sports podcasts too.  I just have to walk around and make sure they know someone is looking at them so they won't cheat.  hah

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