04 June, 2013

How lucky we are

Another day of gorgeous weather to look forward to and it's not even summer yet.  Add to that the beautiful week or so we had in May and this is shaping up to be a spectacular summer!  I believe it was last year when we had terrible weather until August and then it didn't rain for a record amount of time.   Right now it's perfect weather and temperature -- a comfortable mid-70s and low enough at night to keep the apartment relatively cool.  I know I'll have to get the fan out.  I did use it a couple of nights in May when it was hot for a few days in a row and it did keep the sleeping alcove cool and comfortable.  Plus the white noise is a bonus, covering up some of the ambient noise from outside and the hallway. 

I was up before the alarm this morning and I hate that, but Tink HAD to go outside, so I threw on some clothes and took her down for a quick piddle.  She got a nice long walk after I got dressed because I was a little ahead of schedule.  It would have been annoying in the rain, but it is so glorious this morning I hardly minded.  The plants along the path are now all growing in and starting to bloom.  I should take some pictures tonight.  The area is all planted with drought resistant native plants and many are already in bloom.  I don't know what half of them are, actually.  I recognize the wild roses and the iris, both purple and gold.  There is some Queen Anne's Lace and different types of clover.  Other than that .... I don't know.  It is just so lush and beautiful.  The creek is nearly covered up with vegetation in spots.  It wasn't that pretty in the winter but is coming into its own now.

I had a distressing day yesterday and while I walked into the apartment full of plans for the evening, I put them aside and simply had some wine and knit, trying to get rid of the stress.  The laundry can always wait for another day.  The best part of my day yesterday was my run, which was quite awesome considering I had taken another week off for my back tweak.  Now that I am healthy there should be no more excuses.  I will be doing 10 miles a week at least.  I was thinking last night that I'd like to start upping my time from 30 minutes to 40 or 45.   I think that will help with my 5K times.  I should put that on my list -- find a race for this summer.  NOT the Fremont 5K this weekend and not the Firecracker, which is a midnight run in July.  Well, I just don't like evening races.  I'll find something.

I've got another stressful day ahead.  I am working on some programming problem and it's driving me crazy but I must dig in.  The run at lunchtime will be most welcome.

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