03 June, 2013


Friday was a pretty nerve wracking day.  Thursday night I had wrestled the dog crate out from under a pile of other rather heavy crates in the storage closet.  You have to have your pet in a crate when using a Zipcar.  The rest of the evening I relaxed and did some good knitting on the Indian Feathers shawl/scarf.   Then we were up at the normal time to get Tink to the vet by 8 o'clock.  The Zipcar is just a few blocks away so I incorporated our walk to getting to the car.  It's no problem getting Tink into the crate since she was crate trained and it still retains some of her puppy smell as well as some of Chloe's, her doggie buddy at the time.

After I dropped her off I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and stop by the grocery store to do a little shopping and pick up my prescription.  Ah ... but the pharmacy doesn't open until 9 and I had to get the car back, so that was put off for later in the day.  It is a nice walk to the store so I don't mind, especially when the weather is as lovely as it has been - and will be the rest of the week.  Imagine my surprise when the vet called before noon to say she was ready to come home!  The surgery was quick and Tink came right out of her anesthesia.  But my Zipcar reservation wasn't until 3:30 and someone else had the car until then.  There is another car  in a lot another block further, but that too was reserved.  Two Zipcars for the entire area!  It's ridiculous!  There isn't another Zipcar lot for almost two miles in one direction and infinity in the other.  It seems very odd to me, since part of the deal about living where I do is that you don't need a car and are in fact encouraged to give them up.  I think I will suggest that we need more Zipcars.

She was quite perky when I picked her up finally, but fell asleep almost right away once we got home.  Here she is on my knee.  The vet suggested I get a cone for her and so I bought a soft one but she would NOT have anything to do with it.  I had it on her here after giving her a pain pill and putting cream on her stitches.  But this did not last.  Luckily she doesn't fuss with the eye except right after I put the antiseptic cream on the area so I have just been keeping an eye on her and leaving it off.  She is healing amazingly well and was chasing the ball on Saturday.  She was still a little off on Saturday but by Sunday was quite back to her old self.  Her eye looks perfect.  I am very pleased with how it went.

The weather was glorious all weekend.  Some little running around on Saturday, lunch outside at Duke's at Greenlake.  And Sunday lunch with friends and the finalizing of plans for a trip to Troncones, Mexico in January -- yes, 8 months away.  Ginny is a planner and I don't mind at all having something fun to look forward to.  A vacation in the sun in January will be just what the doctor ordered.  You know me.  I always need something to look forward to - long ways away and short term.  Short term is my long weekend at Ocean Shores in three weeks.  I'm not crazy about Ocean Shores per se, but Tinkerbell loves the beach and it's a weekend away.  Fingers crossed for good weather on the first weekend of summer.

I ended up finishing the 12th row of lace on the scarf and, coincidentally, the second ball of yarn. Since I am using a different yarn and needles than called for in the pattern I believe it's going to be huge.  But that's fine.  And I have several ball of this Shibu in other colors that will coordinate so it'll be fantastic, I'm sure.  The Indian Feathers pattern calls for either nupps or beads, but I am doing neither.  I am going to bead the fringe and I thought nupps would be overkill -- besides being a bit fiddle-y.  Hopefully I can get a few more rows done tonight.

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