06 June, 2013

Sometimes you just have a bad day

That was yesterday.  Frustration on top of frustration.  I had a pleasant hour knitting at noon but frankly I would have been much better off if I had gone for a run instead.  But it's water under the bridge now and I am determined that this day is going to be MUCH better.

I will get to run at lunchtime and that always helps my state of mind.  It's going to be warmer today than it has this week so far so getting out early is going to be key.  I'll shoot for 11:30.  I've been giving myself a little more time to cool down after the run rather than coming right back into the building.   That does make my afternoon more comfortable because my body temperature goes back to normal much quicker.

I did a row and a half at noon knitting on my Indian Feathers but didn't even look at it when I got home.  I was in a state.  But an excellent bottle of wine, delivered on ice by a very kind soul got me to a relaxed state and I managed to calm down a bit.  I wasn't into cooking though, so I took advantage of the great Thai restaurant right outside my door.  Perfect.

Tink's eye is looking very good.  She is healing well and not messing with it at all!  I am delighted but wish I hadn't purchased that collar.  She hasn't worn it except for perhaps five minutes.  I kept the receipt.  Maybe they will let me return it.

I have a busy day ahead of me and hopefully stress free as well.  I've got a big meeting tomorrow morning and (horrors) Saturday morning at 8 am!!!  Maybe I'll scoot out a little early tomorrow to compensate myself for the Saturday morning. 

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