14 June, 2013

Oh yes .... Friday

Last week was extra long because I had to work Saturday morning.   I kept thinking all day yesterday that it was Friday.  Alas, it was not but I do have a short week to look forward to coming up.   I did another 35 minute run at lunchtime yesterday, thankfully NOT in the pouring rain.  I was a little low energy, perhaps because I hadn't had a very big dinner the night before and perhaps just because of who knows (that is most likely).   But I have decided that I will increase 5 minutes every other week because I want to be strong at 35 minutes before I up it again.  My knees were just very slightly aching and that is my biggest concern.  So, slow and steady.

We have been starting out cloudy in the morning but by the afternoon it is sunny, but not all that warm which suits me fine.  I gave Tink a nice long walk after I got home yesterday, then did a few chores and settled in to knit on the Indian Feathers.  Unfortunately I hadn't paid strict attention and missed the row for making it a little deeper.  It's fine.  This way I won't have to use another color of yarn.  I will have enough of the one color to make the entire scarf/wrap and have left overs for the fringe.  Now I am quite excited to buy the beads.  I have such a busy weekend coming up that I seriously doubt I'll be able to get to the bead store.  However, it is right next door to the hair salon and I have an appointment there Thursday late afternoon so maybe I can cut out a little early and stop by there if I can't get there this weekend.  Then I'll be able to play with the fringe while on my long weekend.  As I said, I'm not all that keen on Ocean Shores so I am guessing I'll have a little time to just veg and read and/or fiddle with my knitting.

Tomorrow I've got two things going, not counting my regular errands and a trip to the nail salon.  In the morning a helicopter ride.  Thank goodness it's a short one.  I am not all that good with heights but when do you get a chance to ride in a helicopter?  Not very often.  I was assured we wouldn't be going over any volcanoes so bring it on.  Then in the evening a birthday party.  It starts early so I don't suppose it'll be a long night.

Last night was the opening of the Superman movie at the cinema outside my windows.  It was a midnight showing because June 14 is the opening date.  The apartment complex had arranged the midnight showing and I was sure that I would be awakened at 2am with the people leaving the theatre.  Thankfully not!  I guess because it was a Thornton Place event someone was keeping the people quiet.  I did hear them when they were lining up to get in at 11:45 or so, and I also heard some shushing.  In any case I had kept the slider closed and a pillow ready to go over my head.  I didn't even need it and had a great sleep.

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