18 June, 2013

I am so weak!

I don't buy yarn very often.  Mostly because I don't have a place to store it, but also because I haven't been doing as much knitting ..... although now that I have finally gotten my little corner set up to where I'm comfy I have been doing a lot more.  Anyway, I have a few yarn websites that I cruise through every morning, just in case I see something I can't resist.  One of those cruise spots is Jimmy Bean's Wool Watcher where you will find limited quantities of one yarn or an accessory that they offer for 2 hours and then onto something else.  And the yarns are deeply discounted - I forgot, that's the most important part!  Yesterday they were offering 5 skeins of Noro Shiraito, which is a new yarn that is made of 45% cashmere, 45% angora and 10% wool.   Yummy!  I first saw it in the inaugural issue of the Noro Magazine.  They showed a beautiful cowl made from four skeins of this yarn.  Well at $30 a skein, that's a pretty darned expensive cowl.  However, at half price I couldn't resist.  Oh .... I cannot wait for that yarn to arrive!!

Yesterday was my first fast day, and it was surprisingly not too bad.  I even wanted to run and I had been afraid I wouldn't have the energy.  That wasn't the problem.  What I didn't have was my running bra, so there was no running for me, but a nice long walk instead.  It was so beautiful outside.  Not too hot, not too windy.  It would have been a perfect day to run.  Today is just as nice, and I remembered the bra! 

I have been seriously considering changing my workout routine.  We have such an incredible gym at my apartment and it is just a few steps from the elevator in my building.  I used to do my workouts in the morning and I found it a wonderful way to start the day.  But that was when I had my little house in Ravenna and I was literally 12 minutes by bike from my door to the bike rack.  So I could get up at 6, do an hour step routine, shower, do my hair and dress and still make it to work before 8.  These days I have to factor in a walk with the Tink-ster and a 25 minute bus ride.  Obviously I cannot factor in a full blow-dry of my hair every day without getting up WAY too early.  But if I do my hair a couple times a week after work, then I figure I can roll out of bed just before 6, throw on my workout clothes and do 30 minutes on the treadmill.  That would bring me back upstairs by 6:30.  I know I can do a quick run through the shower, makeup and dress and be out with Tink to walk by 7 because that's what I do already.  The key point is to make sure I know what I'm going to put on when I get out of the shower, because I can dither in front of the closet (even my teeny-tiny version) for much too long.  The reason I am considering this is because I am so freaking uncomfortable when I come back from my run at lunchtime and it is warm outside.  I am pouring sweat and it takes ages to dry.  No, there is no shower here and that's the problem.  I could join the IMA again and shower there, but why pay to re-join the IMA when I have a better gym at home?  And running at lunchtime is a hassle when September rolls around because of classes.  I know I am most definitely NOT a morning person, but I believe I've talked myself into at least giving this a try.  What I loved most about it when I did it before is that the workout is taken care of first thing.  The rest of the day is mine.  I can take a nice walk at lunch or just veg and I don't have to worry about dressing and undressing and fixing my makeup, etc. etc.  Okay -- so next week we will give it a try.

I am still working my way through the short rows of the Indian Feathers.  And yes, I did manage to screw them up and one side has more stitches than the other.  I'll fix it or maybe I'll leave it lopsided.  A design element.  I'll see how it looks when I finish eating up that short side.  Just a couple more rows.  I am so excited about picking out the beads.  I was going to go up there yesterday but they're closed on Monday.  Today I must run, so it'll have to wait until Thursday.  That might be perfect timing if I can get it finished and blocked tonight or tomorrow.

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