28 June, 2013

Morning workouts are the BEST!

Now that I'm actually feeling great I wonder why in the world I ever gave up the morning workout routine?  I feel fantastic this morning!  And that's after a really bad night with Tink barking and loud people in the plaza.  I rolled out of bed and with only a slight detour to take Tink for a quick pee, I was on that treadmill at 6 am and had a great, hard workout.  Then I had a cool shower but it was not cool enough.  I could NOT stop sweating!  My hair is wet still.  I had to finally just give up trying to get it dry and put it in a bun.  I will need to change my routine a bit, at least while it is summer and warm.  Monday I'll try getting up 10 minutes earlier, then after my workout instead of hopping right into the shower I'll take Tink for a nice walk.  By the time that's done I'll be cooled down enough so I'll be able to get dressed and put my make up on without it sliding right off my face!

We are heading for a heatwave but it wasn't so bad last night and I didn't want to do anything too strenuous -- although my blocking mats did arrive.  But blocking that Indian Feathers shawl would require cleaning the kitchen floor and I just wasn't into it.  So I knit for a couple of hours on the Mobius Cowl with the super yummy Noro Shiraito.  These aren't typically my colors but I know I'll use this cowl.  Here's a start. 
It is perfect TV knitting because it's garter stitch with a simple two row pattern.  You do have to pay attention for the crossing row, but otherwise it's mindless.  Since it is cashmere and angora I have to have dry hands, so probably won't be doing much of this when the heat gets turned up this weekend.  Even with a fan blowing on me.

So I'm going for a first tomorrow -- a helicopter ride.  I've never even considered riding in a helicopter and I'm not all that keen on heights so .... we'll see how it goes.  Just cross your fingers I don't loose my breakfast. 

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