27 June, 2013

Take 2

I guess it's just one of those years.  Since March 17th I have had walking pneumonia, a sinus infection, a back spasm and on Monday I got the stomach flu!  I made it in to work only to turn around two hours later and head home.  I thought a cup of tea would settle my stomach, but it did not.  Nor did a cup of peppermint tea.  I barely made it home.  What misery!  Headache!  Body ache!  And all the rest of the stomach flu gang.  Ergh.  I tried again yesterday morning to get myself together to get in to work but while I was walking Tink it was quite apparent it was not to be.  But today?  Tip top!  I feel great.  And tons lighter because I haven't been able to eat much of anything.  You've got to look for the sliver lining.

My Noro Shiraito finally showed up and it is utterly gorgeous and so soft!  Well how could it not be?  Cashmere and Angora?  Yummmmmy!  It's not a colorway I would normally choose for myself - turquoise and light blue with some orange-y bits and black.  But it does me good to add some different colors to my accessories wardrobe.  I got the skeins rolled and started the cowl.  It is perfect TV knitting.  Unfortunately we're due for some exceptionally hot weather coming up this week, as in the 90s by next Monday.  (Oooo!  Do you think that means we'll have a nice 4th?  Hmmmm)  One can't knit when it's that hot.  My hands get wet and the yarn doesn't move.  It's annoying.

I finished a book last night, but it took a while to get to sleep. Probably because I'd been sleeping pretty much 24 hours a day since Monday.  But I did manage it finally and, as I said, I feel great today.  So let's get on with it!

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