05 June, 2013

The crack of dawn

This morning I woke up at 5 o'clock and could not get back to sleep.  I just hate it when that happens!  Especially now when it's so light.  I guess I could have used my sleep mask at that point but my head started going around about work and that was all it took.  Oh, I gave it a good try.  I stayed in there to the bitter end - the alarm at 6:30.  I don't feel bad, so maybe I just had had enough sleep.  I went to bed around 10 and fell right to sleep.  Well, I'll be in bed early tonight I imagine.

Yesterday I signed up for a trial of Amazon Prime.  Netflix lost its contract with Viacom and Amazon picked it up, plus Netflix doesn't have a very good selection of movies for streaming.  It looks like the streaming video movies offered free with the Prime subscription are often changed so you keep getting fresh movies.  Not first run, but you also have the option of renting movies and the price is right.  I have been wanting to see an episode of "Justified" which has been suggested to me before, so I watched the pilot last night.  I liked it okay - a modern cowboy thing.  It's on its fourth season, so I guess it's popular.

I got another couple of rows done on the Indian Feathers and brought it in to noon knitting.  It's going to be nearly 80 today.  There is no way I wanted to have a pile of wool in my lap so it looks like Mariah is going to take a little rest for a while.

My run yesterday was another good one and I am barely sore, which is very good.  No running today, but I am determined to keep on my schedule now that I'm feeling great again.  And no allergies!!  It seems that the little bit of rain we had has knocked the cottonwood fluff down.  I haven't had much of anything going on allergy-wise, which is fantastic!  I still haven't found a race.  There is one in Buckley on the 15th, but I can't do that one because I am going on a helicopter ride, plus I'm not ready for a race.  July would be ideal.  I'll keep looking.

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