10 June, 2013

Weekend? What weekend?

When you have to be at work early on Saturday it doesn't feel much like a weekend.  We had another meeting Saturday morning and I was on the bus at 7:15 to make it early so I could let the food services into the meeting room.  This wasn't something I was aware I had to do, but I was the contact person and my phone rang at 7:25 while I was on the bus.  It was someone from the caterers asking how they could get in?  As luck would have it the chairman had gotten there just before I did so all was well.  The meeting was good - productive.  Friday's was also productive but ran long. 

I was out of there at noon and picked up and off I went, only to change and do yard work.  Oh my goodness, is there anything in the world I hate more?  Well ...... sure, probably.  But can you imagine, it was about the last thing in the world I wanted to do.  I was exhausted  but managed to put in a hour and a half before I threw in the towel.  Then a shower and off to meet friends for drinks and food.

At least I got to sleep in on Sunday, because Saturday night was an extremely tough night.  Tinkerbell had gotten hold of something or other and her stomach was growling and gurgling and she was very uncomfortable.  She got me up at 11:30 to walk and eat greenery.  Then again at 1:45 and then AGAIN at 4:30!!  Oh my goodness I was SO tired.  But there's nothing for it.  If she's sick she had to go out and I can't just open the door and let her roam.  She did finally get sicker and throw up and I don't even know when that was, but probably around 5:30 or six.  I slept until 9:30 and I really needed it. 

After a little breakfast it was more yard work.  I tried not to complain.  It is important to help people out, especially ones who have helped you.  So I manned up and raked until I started getting blisters.  Then got cleaned up and got groceries and did chores in my tweensie little place.  It's amazing - 660 sq feet, but it seems to demand as much time keeping it tidy as any other place I've lived, big or small.  That and laundry ate up a good part of the day, but I got some knitting done as well.  I now only have 7 more rows of the lace pattern to go.  I'm hoping I can get at least a couple more rows done tonight and maybe even three.  Well that's probably a bit optimistic.  We are talking over 400 stitches in a row still at this point.  I'll do my best.

I didn't get to run on Friday but I'll be out there today.  I'm not sore and my allergies haven't shown up this year (fingers crossed they will stay away).  I'm going to extend my time by 5 minutes each week now until I get up to 45.  I am considering training for a 10K for this September or October.  It will depend on my my knees fare, so that's why I'm just going to add 5 minutes a week.

I have SO much work to do I hardly know where to start.  But stopping this for now is one way to go, isn't it?

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