10 October, 2013

ESPN on campus

An email was sent out to all faculty, students and staff about ESPN being on campus.  This Saturday the UW is where College Gameday will be, starting at 6 am.  So they're setting up the set today and tomorrow.  The email also said that student seating (around the set) opens at 3 am Saturday morning!  Yipes.  I am going to be happy watching that game in my own comfy house.  It will be madness there!  Plus, the Huskies are playing the Ducks.  It could be a bloodbath.  Maybe I can record it.  Sometimes it's better to be able to fast forward a college game.

I haven't finished tinkering with my line up yet.  I should do a little studying.  I believe I could have made a few better choices last week if I had taken a little more time to think about the games themselves.

I had reserved a conference room for noon knitting, but when I got there someone else had taken the room and started a meeting!  My name was on the schedule!!  The nerve.  So we had to meet in the lunchroom.  Luckily it was only three of us, but still.  That is so rude.  I did get four good rows done on the Juneberry.  I love how the charts are written out and that they change every 40 rows or less.  It keeps me interested and it seems to go faster.  I sure hope I can find some quiet time this weekend.

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