16 October, 2013

Not quite cold enough

Not that I'm complaining!  No no no .. it's just that I wore my Mobius Cowl in today to show at noon knitting and it is a bit warmer of a scarf than I need right now.  I didn't even double wrap it.  Since I'm wearing brown boots and tights I thought it would look good with the outfit.  It works.

I'm anxious to finish up the body of the Juneberry Shawl and get on with knitting the edging.  That's going to end up being the toughest part of this entire project, I think.  I has gotten me thinking about tackling next one of the complicated shawl patterns with the knitted on edging.  Now I can't remember the name of the book .... Anyway they are mostly stoles, which prefer because they're just huge scarves after all.

Usually this time of year I'm getting ready for the Dawg Dash, but when I run this race I can't attend the benefit that my salon does, and the girl who does my hair is in charge of it.  So this year I am forgoing the Dawg Dash and instead going to the benefit Saturday.  And it's actually turning out for the best since I haven't been able to run these last couple of weeks.  I did put my running shoes on and walked for an hour at lunch yesterday and so far so good.  I may even run on Friday.  Today I'm going to look around for a race in November. Usually there's one around Green Lake.  I just hope it's not too early in the month.

The leaves are so beautiful and perfect right now.  The golden ones are starting to drop like snow flakes in places.  It's very pretty and makes me think of wonderful wonderful trips I have made.  November vacations with lots of autumn light and falling leaves and blue skies.  Not this year.  That vacation in the sunshine is going to be very very appreciated in January, I'm sure.

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