25 October, 2013


Ahhh .... finally I was able to sit down with my Juneberry yesterday evening and really work on that edging.  I got one repeat done.  There are only 21 stitches to be worked and actually I can see myself doing this while the football games are on.  It's not that complicated and it is absolutely gorgeous!  I love the pattern and I am really kicking myself for using this variegated yarn for something so intricate.  I will, of course, block the dickens out of it to stretch the lace to the max, but I still think a plain yarn would show it off better.  I may make another one.  I absolutely adore knitting on the edging.  There will be no bind off except the 21 stitches of the edging.  Sweet.  Especially on a large piece.

All I can think about now is my week off.  A little trip to Sequim and otherwise lots of work but it will be so satisfying to get that house painted and done.  If all goes well (and really, when ever does that happen when there are contractors involved??) Ben should be able to move his furniture in there on the 2nd or the 3rd.  But that's a big IF.

It is hard to work on the Friday before vacation and I'm going to cut the torture short by getting out of here around 2:30 or 3.  The weather is ugly but I do not care in the least.   Not the least!

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