15 October, 2013

Another bad football weekend

I have been laid up with a cold these past few days.  Thank goodness it didn't get into my chest, like last year.  Just nasty head cold yuckiness.  I worked from home on Friday and actually did a little knitting on the Juneberry, which is a most awesome pattern.  Saturday I wanted to lay low and get over the cold, but my services were needed in picking out hardware for cupboard doors and lighting and ... and ... stuff.  So I allowed myself to be dragged around from store to store.  Everything got done and picked out and I was feeling bad again.  I ended up working from home yesterday as well and today I feel pretty good.  I can breath and that's always a nice thing.

I finished up three charts (although C hardly counts as it is only 3 rows) and am working on chart D.  When that is finished it is just the lace border.  I absolutely adore the yarn I got from YarnBox that I'm using for this project.   It is soft.  What I don't really care for is the variegated colorway.  That just says "granny" to me.  But for a fancy scarf it's perfect.  I finished up with one skein and I've got ten or eleven more rows to go in this last chart before the border.  I doubt it'll even use two entire skeins so I'll have enough for mitts and this soft yarn would be perfect.  I lost my first pair of fingerless mitts when we were in Silverdale a few weekends ago.  The pair of Fetching I knit up ... wow, how many years ago?  Five?  More?  Well, I got my use out of them and they were looking a bit ratty so I didn't even bother searching for them.  I am sure I left them at the hotel bar.

So here it is Tuesday and my days are all mixed up.  But two weeks to work and then I get a week off, although I'll be helping paint and put things away, so it's not that much of a holiday.  But on Wednesday and Thursday we're going to Sequim to stay on the bay and that'll be lovely.  Just to get away in the middle of the madness and relax.  But there's much madness to be had before then.

I had a bad football weekend again.  The Huskies lost badly, the Seahawks played badly but won and I lost two in a row in my fantasy league.  Every one of my players but one performed WAY below projected - as in project 7 points and got 2.  I don't even want to see where I am today.  Let's hope for a better week this week!

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