02 October, 2013

Today I will finish it

I brought my Mobius Cowl in for noon knitting today and I'm going to get it Kitchner stitched up and it will be out of my basket!  It was a good TV knitting project but I've been sick of it for a while.  I don't think it's quite cold enough to wear yet.  I think I'll use it a lot this year though.  It is cozy even though the colors aren't exactly what I like to wear.  It'll look fine with a black coat.

I wasn't even aware of it, but Eastbound and Down has started a new season and since I had it on my DVR it got recorded and I watched the first episode last night.  I've got lots of stupid TV saved up and I think I'll dig into it tonight.  Tomorrow is football - I am not sure though if I've got a player in the game or not.  Well, I'll tweak my line up one last time tomorrow morning and I'll figure it out.

Anatomy is winding down, thank goodness.  I finished up the final exam yesterday.  I'm still going to be pretty busy for the next week or so, then it'll calm down.  I feel like I could sleep for a week and I haven't been able to run because of my ankle.  I will have to give it another try on Monday and if it's still feeling weird I'll have to go to the doctor.  I really don't want to have to do physical therapy again, but it sure felt like it did while I was rehab-ing it all those years ago.  I sure don't want to have to go through that again.

The wind had a particular bite to it yesterday that I noticed while Tink and I were having our walk.  It is supposed to warm up here a bit.  We did have a pretty spectacular summer.

My plan is still to wind that yarn tonight.  I would love to get the Juneberry started but I also want to slob out and watch stupid TV so ..... there's always tomorrow.

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