23 October, 2013

How to clean greasy dog ears

It doesn't sound very appetizing, does it?  Tinkerbell sometimes gets inflamed ears and the medicine that my vet prefers is oil based.  Twice a day I squirt the oily goo deep into her ears and massage them and in about a week her ears are clean and pink but her fur around her ears is black and greasy.  The ears itch when they're inflamed and she scratches.  So there I am with a cute little dog with lots of ugly, dirty and greasy fur on her face and I could never figure out how to clean it without taking her to the groomer, which is where I got this fantastic advice on Saturday!  I asked Kristi how to clean that mess and she says they first rub in corn starch and then wash the area with undiluted Dawn dish washing soap.  She says that is what the rescue workers use when there is an oil spill to clean the animals!  That is some good information and next time I will use that method.

Hooray for noon knitting because I still haven't had the time to get those last two rows done on the Juneberry.  There was too much to do when I got home and by the time I finished drying my hair and walking Tink and cooking dinner and talking on the phone .... I didn't have any energy for anything but reading.

Oooo ... I have to rant though. How difficult is it to go to the counter, get a paper town and squirt cleaner on it and just rub it on the handles of the Precor elliptical that you've just been sweating on for the past 30 minutes?  Really??  You're too busy to do that?  Pigs.  Here it is the cold and flu season and these people can't take a minute to clean up.  Rant off.

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