18 October, 2013

I'm dragging

It's foggy and dark and boy, am I ever having a hard time waking up!  I was awake at 3 am, then again at 4 when a truck came for a delivery and then again (still?) at 5 when Tinkerbell decided she needed water.  I don't even remember turning off my iPhone alarm but obviously I did.  I finally woke up at 7 am when Tink started snoring loudly.  I was only 25 minutes late to work -- not bad.  But I am so groggy.  I didn't even stay up too late last night.  I watched the Seahawks beat Arizona and went to bed to read after that and must have fallen asleep at the normal time.  But right now I feel like I could sleep for days.  Good thing it's Friday. 

It should be a pretty fun weekend if I can manage to sleep in and carve out some quiet knitting time.  Tink is getting groomed tomorrow but I don't have to have her there too early, then while she's getting her hair done I'm going to an art fair, then in the afternoon meeting with a colorist to help Ben with picking out the paint for his newly remodeled house.  That is going to be awesome!  And in the early evening there is a party at the Derby Salon, a benefit for breast cancer research.  There will be a silent auction and all sorts of fun things.  I'm looking forward to it.

Since the Seahawks played last night I don't have to watch football on Sunday so I can get a good housecleaning done on my apartment and watch bits of games as the day goes on.  I have most of my fantasy points in the Sunday morning games -- all in fact except for one player on Monday night.  He's a good one though.  Fingers crossed I win this week or I'm sunk!

But I've got to get through this day to get to the fun, so I'd better get crackin'!

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