07 October, 2013

We knew it would happen sooner or later

Ah ... the agony of defeat, I guess this should be titled.  It was a losing weekend all around.  The Huskies got beat by Stanford in a terribly exciting game that went down to the wire.  The soccer team got beat and then, on Sunday, the Seahawks finally lost.  It was a very close game as well, on the road.  Their 4 and 0 start, the first time in its history, is gone.  They played well but couldn't come up with that last minute magic.  Oh, and my fantasy team?  VERY badly beaten.  I have two more guys tonight but there's no way in the world that I'm going to win this matchup.   There is nothing for it.  I just have to look forward to next week and a better outcome.

Friday I worked from home.  I had to make sure I could connect and do everything I need to do from home, since I have a new (well new to me) laptop for home.  It was perfect.  Everything worked seamlessly so I feel much better.  The cold and cough going around here is spreading like wildfire and I need to be prepared since this is such a busy time for me.  Speaking of busy, I was working like a crazy person Friday.  I couldn't even take a break until 1:30.  The weather was lovely and Tinkie and I got some nice walks. 

Finally in the late afternoon I was able to stop and get my yarn wound and start the Juneberry Triangle.   It is a shame that they sent hand dyed yarn in a variegated colorway because this yarn is lovely and I'd like to have a cardigan made from it, but I don't like garments made with variegated yarn.  It just screams "homemade".  So a scarf/wrap is the ideal accessory with a soft yarn like this.  The Juneberry has quite a few charts but it's moving along nicely.  Unfortunately it is one of those with charts for both sides of the thing - like the Frost Flowers shawl I did a few years ago.  I do prefer having a plain purl row but I am committed to this project now and it is really a gorgeous pattern.  I will soldier on.

Besides knitting and (bad) football this weekend, I visited a new farmer's market on Sunday in the heat!  I was wearing a skirt and T-shirt, it was that warm.  I got some nice carrots and some fingerling potatoes and got a stew going in the crock pot this morning.  I visited the new nail spa that my regular place in Lake City has taken over.  The massage chairs are actually comfortable for me!  They are awesome!  So I had a lovely hour pampering after the market.

Today is the final exam for anatomy and then tomorrow starts histology.  I am pretty much ready for that.  Pretty much.

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