09 October, 2013

The let down

After five weeks of crazy-ness I guess it's natural to have a little bit of a weird feeling when things do finally slow back down to normal speed.  And it's darker in the morning, and much chillier.  Pretty soon we'll be turning the clocks back.  I think that this is hitting me more this year because I don't have my Thanksgiving trip to plan and look forward to.  In fact, I know that's what it is.  If I could run, it would be easier on me, but my foot/ankle is still not right and I am afraid of making a bad situation worse by jumping on the treadmill too soon.  I took a long walk at lunch yesterday and it wasn't feeling quite right all night.  Maybe Friday I can try it.  Worst case I might have to walk part of the time and best case, I'll get some much needed endorphins!

I was too tired for much of anything last night when I got home.  Tink got her walkies, I put away the clean dishes, watched a little TV and was asleep by 10 or so.  For noon knitting today I brought my Juneberry start and hope to get four rows done at lunchtime.  It is not TV knitting - it's lace knitting, every row except once in a great while a plain purl row.  It is going to be stunning though.

I tinkered a bit with my lineup yesterday and may take another look today or tomorrow.  I don't like to tinker, I like to get it right and keep it that way.  But injuries abound this season and I got a terrible starting lineup to begin with.  I haven't given up yet.

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