17 October, 2013

I love these autumn days

It never really got sunny yesterday, but it will be nice today and it is just perfect right now.  The leaves are still on the trees and turning gorgeous colors.  I suspect the reason I'm really noticing it this year is that we haven't had much rain yet.  We can miss the really beautiful part of fall if there is too much rain forcing those leaves to the ground.  I like it when they sprinkle down like snow.  I will have a nice long walk at lunchtime - I have to go up to the store for salad ingredients.  I will walk through campus on my way north to get the full effect.

Noon knitting was fun and I got two or three rows done and another one last night.  The Seahawks are playing at 5:30 tonight so there won't be any knitting on the fancy stuff.  I am hoping I can get a few hours to myself this weekend to finish up the last body chart and start on the edging. 

I have been trying to avoid thinking about my sister in London.  No use fussing about it.  I'll just have to start making plans, saving up and saving vacation time. 

Tinkie is going to the groomer this Saturday and boy, she really needs it.  I was going to bathe her last weekend but I figured she could wait another week if I could get an appointment.  Yay me!  Her ears were in need of medicine for a week or so and the medicine is oily.  She then scratches her ears and spread the oil outside of her ear and scratching with dirty feet means that she has oily grey patches on her face.  Not a good look.  But she'll be right as rain on Saturday and pretty again.

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