03 October, 2013

I did finish

Whew!  It took me all of the hour to Kitchner that cowl together but I got it done, despite breaking the yarn about a million times.  And oh is it every cozy.  I should have snapped a picture.  Well, I'll do it tomorrow.  I anticipate using this a lot this winter.

I didn't get the yarn wound last night.  I was SO exhausted yesterday, I could barely make it through the day.  Here's how tired I was -- I had to make myself stay up until 9.  I could have easily walked Tink and gotten right into bed when I got home, but that would have been a disaster.  We had a great walk - made even better by the note I found in an envelope on my apartment door.  My lease is up at the end of next month but when I read the letter it didn't look like I was getting an increase.  Off I went to the office to check on it and indeed, that is the case!  Woohoo!  Considering all we have heard lately in Seattle about rents going up, I was expecting a big jump.  Great news has a tendency to energize.

I caught up on silly TV and played with my iPad and, as I said, made myself stay up until 9.  I must have been asleep by 9:05 and today I finally feel like I've caught up a bit.  So tonight I would love to wind that yarn and start the project.  I can stay up a little later tonight since I'm working from home tomorrow, so I'll be able to sleep in until 7:30 at least. 

Trying to keep ahead of things, I got the final exam copied and ready for Monday's last Anatomy exam.  Only to find out yesterday that it was not actually the FINAL version!!  Arghghghg!  That's 160 copies of a 10 page exam that I had to trash.  This morning I'm going to do it again.  What a waste.  But then anatomy will be done until next year, and I'm not unhappy about that.

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