21 October, 2013

A really good massage chair!

My regular nail salon has opened up a second shop, which is very close to my apartment.  Since I had such a big weekend ahead of me, I went to get my nails done after I walked Tinkerbell on Friday.  The chairs they have at the other salon also have a massage feature and I cannot stand it!  It hurts my back rather than making me relax.  Well, the chairs they have at this new salon are incredible!  They're called "Human Touch" or ... something like that.  But really they do feel like a human is massaging your back and neck.  It is delightful and oh so relaxing.  They were busy and it took them about 30 minutes longer to get finished with me but I didn't mind a bit.  I just let myself get massaged into a puddle.  Plus they've started doing a hot stone leg massage along with the pedicure.  Ahhhhh ... seriously.  It is something I look forward to every two weeks and now more than ever.

The rest of the weekend was a blur.  Tink to the groomer, a trip to an art show, an appointment with a color consultant, pick Tink up at the groomer and then an hour to get ready to go out for the silent auction.  And that was so much fun, although I still don't know what I actually won.  I thought I had purchased a bottle of Veuve Cliquot and some fresh oysters at least.  Oh well, if they want their money they will call, right?

I was hoping for some relaxation on Sunday and I did get to sleep in a little bit, but then it was more shopping and running around.  Finally around 3:30 I managed to get the apartment kind of cleaned up.  Cleaned up well enough so that I could let myself sit and relax and do some serious knitting.  I have only two more rows left on chart D and then I can start the edging! 

Since the Seahawks played on Thursday night I didn't have a game I really wanted to watch so that was good.  I did end up turning on the Sunday night game between the Broncos and the Colts.  My fantasy guys didn't do much of anything this weekend.  Tom Brady again, even though they won, only got me 5 of the 15 points he was projected to get!  I was projected to beat my opponent by almost ten points and has me by over 40 now and I only have one player in tonight's game.  Looks like I'm on a losing streak.  Like the Huskies.  I don't even want to talk about that .... I am glad I couldn't watch that game.

My morning running routine has taken a big hit.  Since I hurt my foot I haven't been down there even though I could have been doing it the last week.  It's just that it is darker now in the morning plus if I wake up before my alarm goes off and I don't get back to sleep I just cannot get myself out of bed!  So, today I threw in the towel and put my running clothes back into my drawer here at work and I'll run at lunchtime again.  It won't be so bad now that it's not so bloody hot.  And maybe it'll help pull me out of this funk. 

My friends in France - the ones I went to the gite with the spring before last - texted me on Saturday saying they were staying at the same place and were thinking about me.  That was very sweet and I will have to send Deidre an email soon to thank them and let them know I won't be by this Thanksgiving.  But I am looking forward to that great week in Mexico in January.  It's just the way it is this year.  Hopefully next year it'll be Thanksgiving in Paris.

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