05 June, 2014

A message from the lawyer.

Yesterday was a busy day and I felt terrific.  Then in the afternoon a message popped up in my inbox from my lawyer.  My heart always jumps a bit when I see that, not knowing whether it's going to be good news or bad.  But it was the BEST news!  The State Supreme Court unanimously denied my ex's petition to hear the case.  It is over!  All we are waiting for now is the court's final official judgement to be served and then he has to pay me.  I am not sure of the timetable.  So I am very very happy - an understatement, I know.  Thrilled. 

It's going to be difficult to concentrate today but I am so busy.  And I have to leave a little early to get to the salon by 4 o'clock.  My stylist has just gotten back from a month in Italy (lucky girl) and she can't do me, but I have to get my hair done before I leave for Nashville so I am having another stylist tonight.  Dana has written everything down so it'll be fine. 

Can you see me smiling?  I can't stop.  woohoo

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