26 June, 2014

Plodding along

I made it through the day yesterday.  I was thankful for noon knitting for an attitude adjustment.  We also had a nice, surprise visit from Peggy!  We miss her at our Wednesday meetings.  Her department moved to the new South Lake Union building and she's not so happy being so far away.  There's a job here on upper campus that she's going for.  I hope she gets it. 

It was nice and sunny in the afternoon.  I wanted to go home early but I stuck it out and got lots done.  But then it was another quiet evening.   I didn't even do any laundry!  I just walked the dog and made some dinner and put my nose in a book until bedtime.  I have so many books on my iPad again -- one I'm currently working my way through, two new ones and then another one I bought at the insistence of my friend Mike and I haven't even cracked that one and then another by one of my favorite authors that I started but just can't get into.  So I need to read some evenings rather than zone out over a pair of knitting needles.  But there is just something therapeutic about knitting, especially when my mind is restless. 

My trip is in the forefront of my mind now, even though I have two weeks and a couple of days to go.  From experience I know it will zip by.  Perhaps this weekend I can put a few lists together so I don't worry myself into a tizzy about forgetting things.  As I said, as long as I can get certain things buttoned up here at work I'll have a worry free vacation.  And oh my friends, I SO need a vacation.  I need to walk around in Paris and get centered.  It's going to be very different in the summer, I know that.  I also know I can still find what I need there.  And I'm not just talking about cheese!

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