17 June, 2014

Pet Peeve # ..... oh, I lost count

What is wrong with people??  How many times have you had people come up to you when you're listening to your iPhone or whatever and just start talking at you?  It has been happening to me a lot lately and it drives me CRAZY!!  Can't they see I have earphones on?  It's obvious I'm listening to something and they just start talking.  If I need to speak to someone who is obviously listening to some device I get their attention FIRST before I start speaking to give them time to get the ear buds out of their ears or the headphones off their head and then I ask my question.  I snapped at someone last night.  Idiots.  They are all over the place.

Despite the rainy start to the day I did get in a nice run at noon time.  It was chilly but not raining and I felt strong.  It was raining again this morning but it has stopped so we should be good to go at lunchtime again.  I haven't been able to recreate that incredible run so I believe there was a little glitch with my app, but as I said - no matter.  I'm back to where I was and even running two miles more in the week, so I'm happy.  Twelve miles a week is decent.  I should start looking for a couple of races for August and September.

I had a text from a friend in Paris.  I'm going to be using their flat, which is SO nice of her, although I'm going to miss seeing them.  I guess her cousin is going to be there during that time as well, but we've met and it'll be just fine sharing with her.  I won't be spending that much time in the flat except to sleep anyway.   I am getting excited.  Very excited.  My friends Bill and Patricia are coming back tonight from a week in Paris for Patricia's birthday.  I hooked them up with my friend who owns the pub because they wanted to watch some World Cup action and I thought Eoghan's pub would be perfect.  I hope they did connect.

And speaking of World Cup action - the US played Ghana yesterday.  Here's a pointer friends - if you set your DVR to record the match, make sure it's on the English station rather than the Spanish station.  It makes it much easier for everyone to understand and enjoy.  Just sayin'.

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