13 June, 2014

A very wet Friday the 13th

It is really coming down today.  In fact, it's been raining all night.  I am quite anxious to get out to run today, so I hope it's not raining this hard at noon.  I had an astonishing run yesterday.  I ran my fastest 3 miles - ever.  According to my app I was running 10.31 minute miles.  The fastest one mile I have on my Nike app is 10.37.  However, I did lose a good bit of historical data when I got my latest iPhone.  That being said, I don't remember ever running less than a 10.30 minute mile and I have never run 3 miles at that pace!  I want to get out there again today and make sure it wasn't a fluke! 

My luck has been just crazy good lately, hasn't it?  Last Friday I noticed one of my diamond earrings was gone from my ear.  Before I really started panicking I looked carefully at the scarf I had been wearing and it wasn't there.  Then I cast my eyes down and there it was under my desk!  I never did find the back to it, which is why it fell out in the first place.  I knew it was a little loose.  But imagine -- I found that earring!  That was very lucky.  And this weekend I'm going to the jewelery store for a new back! 

I am a bit forgetful this morning - I forgot my iPad and I forgot earrings (speaking of earrings).  That's not so bad.   I had a little bit of mini-jet lag going on from the quick trip to Nashville.  I'm all caught up now and ready for the weekend.  I've got one party and lots and lots of errands.  And oh I really REALLY want to carve out some time for some knitting!!  I'm getting twitchy.

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