02 June, 2014

The birds birds birds

I am SO groggy this morning.  The birds started up at 4 am.  I closed the window but it didn't help much.  I put a pillow over my head and that was a bit better, but I have lots on my mind and I didn't get much more sleep, or at least not restful sleep.  Ah well.  I'll be awake for sure when I run.

Friday afternoon four of us went up to spend the weekend in a condo at Birch Bay.  The weather was sunny, but really not all that warm.  There was a little yarn shop and Monika and I spent some time poking around there.  Tink got some great walks and we cooked a couple of really good meals.  The condo itself was pretty bare bones, a family's weekend retreat that was put up for auction at a fund raiser I attended a few months ago.  But it was out of town and that's all that really mattered.  I got a little knitting done and I picked out a pattern for the sock yarn I got from my latest YarnBox.  I thought this, Venomous Tentacula, would be perfect.  Plus it has beads!  I haven't knit anything with beads for ages and ages.  But first I have to finish my Iwi and it is going slow.  I'll have to pick up the pace.  I wish it was bus knitting but it's too fiddly with the lace and the splitty yarn and the small needles. 

I am super busy at work - going from hardly anything going on to super busy.  Crazy.  I have a busy week ahead of me and then Saturday morning I'm catching the plane to Nashville.  It leaves at 6:30!!  And I'm going to be taking the shuttle to the airport and you know that means I'll be picked up in the middle of the night.  Maybe I can sleep on the plane but I won't count on it.

And now .... six weeks to Paris!  Six weeks!!!!   So I'm glad I'm busy. 

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