18 June, 2014

Ah hah! I think I've found the answer

My iPhone battery life has been just terrible and I finally purchased a big battery case for it.  I know that my silly games do eat up the battery.  I play word games with friends all day off and on, but that didn't seem to be entirely the problem.  Finally the penny dropped.  It's my Bluetooth headset!  It's not so bad when I'm listening to an audiobook or to music actually on my iPhone, but if I'm streaming, like with the new Amazon Prime Music app --- well, that does drain it like crazy!  I do love my Bluetooth headphones though.  What to do?  Perhaps I should get myself a new pair of iPhone headphones to use when I am not active, but just sitting in the bus or whatever.  I'll think on it.

Yesterday was absolutely insane.  The chairman came in with a request and I spent 90% of my day working on a spreadsheet for him.  I ran at noon but it really sneaked up on me!  I was so busy that it was 11:30 before I knew it.  The good thing about my runs lately -- I haven't had to stop for an extra puff from my rescue inhaler!  That is HUGE news!  I feel great.

Noon knitting today and that's good because I haven't touched it since Sunday.  I need to get myself some TV knitting.  But I'm afraid that if I start something else I won't finish this Iwi and I want to wear it!!  Maybe that'll be enough to keep me on track with it.

It was cold again yesterday but it feels like it's warming up a bit today.  June is so hard to take sometimes.

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